Urban studies for teenagers in Tbilisi: creative city solutions

[workshops • city walks • presentations • discussions • projects]
Tbilisi, 3 months,
September - 22 December 2019

About the course

Teenagers will discover creative solutions for urban spaces
from around the world, learn about city branding and city planning, and on top of that - realise their own projects on solving a real problem in the urban space of Tbilisi in an innovative and creative way.

It is a kind of experience which will stay with our students for a lifetime, giving them confidence and faith in that
anyone can initiate a change for the better.
3 months: 29 September -22 December 2019, Tbilisi

Urban Studies course overview

Module 1. Studying urban spaces

• Урбанистика и города. Принципы "хороших" городов. Строим город мечты.

• Исследуем город - работа в городе. Как звучит город, как он пахнет, какой он на ощупь. Портрет города.

• Бренд города и зачем он нужен. Разрабатываем бренд города Тбилиси.

Module 2. Looking for problems and creative solutions for contemporary cities

• Наблюдательность и поиск проблем в городском пространстве.

• Городские парадоксы - что это и как они помогают придумывать креативные решения. "Полевое исследование" городских парадоксов Тбилиси.

Module 3. Realization of student projects

• Городской проект по улучшению городского пространства: от идеи до реализации и презентации.

    Course details

    3 months, on Sundays
    29 September - 22 December 2019
    Tbilisi, 3 Politkovskaya St. (Jikia, end of Vazha Pshavela)

    Learning mode

    Blended learning: 1 hour long training sessions on Sundays and online tasks

    Language of instruction

    (comments in Russian are available)

    Group size

    6-10 students

    Entry requirements

    Interest in cities and creative solutions

    Course moderator

    Informal education coach

    Nataly Pavlenko

    Продюсер образовательной программы "Мастерская урбанистики "Не столица" для молодежи из малых городов и сельской местности. Выпускница программы Архитекторы.рф Института медиа, архитектуры и дизайна "Стрелка".

    Мои любимые темы - это социальное проектирование, проектный менеджмент, критическое мышление и урбанистика.

    Создаю и продюсирую образовательные программы, а также реализую собственные проекты. Я тренер-практик - пробую теории на себе и выбираю наиболее эффективные.
    Тренер бизнес-курса Нино Сванидзе

    3 reasons to get your teenager signed up for Urban Studies

    Creativity and innovation
    The key thing in this course is the acquaintance with world examples of creative solutions for urban spaces, as well as the presence of real problems in Tbilisi and availability of space for implementing solutions.
    Initiative and pro-active attitude to life
    The experience of implementing their own project on improvement of the real urban space of Tbilisi is an experience of a lifetime that gives confidence and faith in that everyone can become a source of change for the better.
    A unique offer in Tbilisi
    Nobody does this in Tbilisi, because it is a lot of work and responsibility, but we do, because for us it is drive and enjoyment from our contribution to the future!

    Prices and payment options

    Option 1:
    Monthly subscription (advance payment for 4 training sessions each month)

    - 99 gel/month PROMO
    - 108 gel/month COMFORT
    - 169 gel/month VIP

    Advantages of making advance monthly subscription payment:
    • Access to worksheets and online tasks for missed training sessions;
    • Discounts for meetings, field trips and standalone workshops;
    • Interval revision of material;
    • Feedback for online tasks;
    • Priority in admission;
    • Individual guidance in the VIP package
      Option 2:
      Payment for attended training sessions only

      29 gel per class for any specialized course, if vacant seats are available in the group
      • Family discount 5% - for 2 or more students from one family
      • Wholesale discount 5% - for both courses in case one student takes 2 or more courses together
      • Loyalty discount 5% - for our returning customers
      • Friends discount 5% - bring a friend and get a discount for both

      *Discounts add up to one another
        Monthly package prices
        Advance payment for 4 training sessions each month
        PROMO package
        (only first 6 students, advance monthly payment irrespective of attendance)
        COMFORT package
        (Advance monthly payment irrespective of attendance)

        (2 seats only, advance monthly payment irrespective of attendance)
        Payment for attended training sessions only
        Specialized courses
        99 gel/month
        108 gel/month
        169 gel/month
        29 gel/month
        4 workshops in a group according to course syllabus
        Online quest - tasks in a gamified learningsystem
        Photo-report from classes for parents
        Interval revision of material and feedback on online tasks
        Access to materials of missed classes
        Access to our events:
        meetings with experts, field trips, standalone workshops
        50% discount
        Full access to all events
        Individual consultation for parents on any study matters
        Individual monthly student progress report for parents
        Designing an individual learning roadmap

        Package prices

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        Urban Studies course
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        3 months, 29 September - 22 December 2019
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        Where and when

        13:20-14:20 on Sundays
        Space Z Co-Working space (Jikia, Vake-Saburtalo)
        Jikia, 3 Politkovskaya St., end of Vazha Pshavela

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        How to pay for the course?
        We work on prepayment basis. You need to pay before a course starts, otherwise we can't guarantee a seat for your kid on the course.
        We'll send you our payment details via email, FB message or sms.

        You can pay in several ways to our account:
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        What results can I expect?
        Your teenager will learn to be observant in an urban environment, notice opportunities and generate innovative solutions for urban spaces.
        Your teenager will explore Tbilisi, develop a brand of the city, take part in a "field" study of Tbilisi and make a presentation about it, and finally - plan and implement his own project solving one concrete problem in the urban space of Tbilisi.
        Will my child implement his project in Tbilisi?
        Yes! Course participants will plan and implement their own urban projects. We will try to scale students' projects to a feasible size so that they are able to complete them, but we will also support and promote implementation of larger ideas through the local authorities.

        Any questions left?
        Don't hesitate to contact us:
        +995 568 48 49 50 (in English and Russian)
        +995 599 22 11 70 (in Georgian)

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