Smart start tbilisi
Application process: Round 2
Please submit by 14 March 2018

Part 1: About yourself
Name and surname
Part 2: Questions
Select the courses you would like to teach at Smart Start (you can select more than one course)
In what language can you teach the above selected courses? (more than one answer is possible and is strongly welcome)
How will you approach designing the curriculum for your course? What sources will you use?
What do you think is the difference between a traditional lesson and a workshop?
What outcomes do you expect from your students at the end of your course?
What kind of teacher / coach are you? How is it going to help you deliver your course successfully?
What do you expect from working at Smart Start - Business School for Kids?
What are you going to contribute to Smart Start as an employee?
How long are you planning to be a part of Smart Start team?
How much do you feel you should be paid for your teaching (GEL per hour): at start, later on?
What time are you available for teaching? (more than one answer is possible and strongly welcome)
Part 3: Test task
In Part 2 you selected the courses you would like to teach. In the boxes below, please outline a sample 2-hour workshop for one of the courses you selected. Describe the procedure in brief: how you are going to start it, what tasks you will have in the middle, what hometask you will give. Include any interesting ideas you have.
Sample workshop outline
for taking your time to fill in your 2nd Round Application.

We will contact you as soon as our selection process is complete. If you are shortlisted, you will be invited to the final interview.